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Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
, they could get as much as five feet of snow. cbs 5 reporter steve lard says if you're heading to tahoe, don't plan on getting there any time soon. >> reporter: well, it may be a scenic drive, but it is a very slow one heading eastbound on i- 80. over the hill, you can see the long line of traffic behind me. it is a friday night. it is a holiday weekend. and it is snowing off and on. add all of that together and you're talking about a drive from the bay area to the state line of maybe eight hours. we've seen families with their cars full of presents, pulled over, paying $30 a pop to get their chains installed. in some cases, they've done this before. they're installing their own chains, taking a half an hour out of that long drive. if you're planning on heading over the hill, make sure you have time on your side. on eastbound i-80, steve large, cbs 5. >>> the bad weather here and across the country is causing huge travel problems for people trying to get home for christmas. at sfo, more than 100 flights were cancelled today because of heavy rain and wind. add to that the blizzard in the mid
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
! >> reporter: steve forsyth died in the food court. 15-year-old kristina shashanko was seriously wounded. the gunman knew none of his victims. >> we all need to be very thankful this incident wasn't much worse. >> reporter: clackamas county sheriff says the gunman was armed with an ar-15 semiautomatic assault rifle and carried several magazines of ammunition. >> based on the evidence we obtained, it appeared that the suspect's rifle did jam. >> reporter: the mall had recently run a drill preparing for just such an incident. stores gathered shoppers and locked their doors. police arrived at the mall within two minutes at the first 911 call and brought thousands out of the mall, ordering them all to keep their hands up. witnesses with say 22-year-old jacob roberts was wearing a hockey mask and yelled "i am the shooter" before he ran down a back hall and turned his gun on himself. roberts has no police record, but his mother had seen his life going wrong for years. on her my space web page, he complained of his drug use and refusal to talk to her. in 2008, she wrote, i really thought he was
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
something the late steve jobs didn't think was even possible. he's bringing manufacturing back to the u.s. and spending $100 million to do it. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on apple's next big thing. a made-in-america label. >> reporter: ceo tim cook announced that starting next year, one line of mac computers will be designed and built in the usa. donald bell says with one line of macs, apple's not taking a huge risk but it is making a statement. >> for the apple factory to step out and say this is something that they want to do, manufacture here in the united states, it's a big deal. it's a big differentiator for this company. >> reporter: this is the image apple likes to project. happy workers. but that image has been tarnished by images of sweat shops. >> they love the computers, but we were talking about that over dinner and saying, you know, i don't know. it's not conscious consumerism, which is what we're really looking at. where is your money going? what is it supporting? people jumping off of buildings? >> reporter: it's rival google announced that it's new media streaming device
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)